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4th of July

July 2nd, 2009

fireWith the 4th of July weekend upon us, thought that it would be good to talk pyrotechnics for a moment. Did you know more than 97% of all imported fireworks come from China? And, of those, about half of shipments are found to be problematic. The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC) did a survey last year on this:

Staff from CPSC selectively sampled and tested 211 shipments of fireworks in fiscal year 2008 to determine if they were in compliance with the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Approximately 49% of those shipments were found to contain fireworks that were noncompliant.

Apologists for China’s manufacturing sector will of course want everyone to focus on the 51% that were compliant. These enablers are out there in great numbers. They call themselves optimists, and they complain that I see only a glass that is half empty.

There has been almost no follow through on this issue from politicians or the politically active (everyone is apparently too busy “being green”). CPSC’s interesting report isĀ available online. For all of you celebrating the 4th of July in the American way, be safe.

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