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High Chair Suffers Third Recall

April 5th, 2009


Yet another product recall involving China-made products for infants. Baby product producer, Evenflo, has issued a recall of 643,000 made-in-China high chairs. It is their third recall in four months. 

turdbaby2The company issued a statement, claiming that their primary goal is “always to put safety first.” 

Evenflo company representatives admitted to receiving 320 reports of seatback detachments prior to the issue of this recall. Now, if safety was so important to the company, wouldn’t you think they’d issue a recall prior to complaint #320?

A close relative of mine is about to have her first baby, and she’s asked whether she should avoid buying any crib that is made in China. In talks that I’ve given to promote “Poorly Made in China,” I’ve received this same sort of question. To be frank, I don’t know how to answer it. I will say this, however… 

Officials at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) like to talk about how each complaint they receive represents only a fraction of those who are actually upset about any specific bit on radio or television (since not nearly all of those whom are put off will take the trouble to voice their displeasure). It’s a bit like that with product recalls, actually. Since companies are loathe to pursue any product recall, you have to imagine that for every one of these national headlines, there are many, many more products that should be a cause for concern.

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