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Book Reviews, Cont’d

July 25th, 2009

dragonA few more reviews have come in for “Poorly Made in China” in the past couple of weeks.

1.  Norway weighed in with a piece worth mentioning for the cartoon that accompanied it. The image here is of a Westerner — I guess that’s me? — barking at a dragon who is impervious to the exclamation points I’m floating its way. Quite amusing, actually.

2.  Another review was done in Arabic. I don’t read it, so I’m not exactly sure what it’s about. The link is here for anyone who wants to see.

3.  Mohammed Cohen at Asia Times wrote a review, offering up details from the narrative. He sums up:

“For the factory, an established relationship becomes a one-way street, not a partnership. According to Midler, the Chinese side simply looks for all the advantage it can, using every tool at its disposal. The author sees that as a cautionary tale beyond the world of manufacturers and importers to the heart of US diplomacy with China. The prospect of the US being drawn into that kind of a relationship with a nuclear armed, numerically superior China holding trillions in US Treasury securities is a lot scarier than questionable body scrub. Midler has written a fascinating, funny and important book.”

In the coming week or two, I hope to post a few notes from readers.

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