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July 7th, 2009

For those who find reviews of interest, a brief listing of a few recent mentions…

  1. I was nearly turned into a poster child for the Falun Gong by Epoch Times with their glowing review. For those who don’t know, Epoch Times is the newspaper closely tied to the spiritual discipline said to be a cult by China’s Communist Party. While at first I had reservations, in the end I was glad to have agreed to an interview by their reporter. From the review: “Through a vivid narrative of his own experiences, Midler…exposes the mind-boggling risks of conducting business in a country in which norms have been turned upside down from traditional culture. Yet, the author’s style is humorous at times and often light.” When you’ve been called funny and light by Epoch Times, you know you’re onto something…
  2. Consumerist.com posted a short review that borrowed from an assessment by National Review’s John Derbyshire. More interesting than the post in this case were comments that followed. I found the comments oddly entertaining and often interesting. It’s an interesting website, and I recommend having a look.scmp1
  3. South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s leading English newspaper, also weighed in, coming out with a nice review in which the paper suggested the book is a “must-read for people engaged in mainland business.” Registration is normally required, so I’ve gone and scanned the thing, posting it right here. If you click on the image (at right), it will become larger.

More interesting than the book reviews have been emails sent to me directly from random readers. Different parts of the book have left varying impressions, and I intend to post (anonymous) excerpts one day in future.

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