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China Mobile Wants iPhone

March 3rd, 2008

China Mobile’s CEO, Wang Jianzhou, has just publicly expressed interest in the iPhone. Though formal talks have not yet been established, China Mobile has given the old winkity-wink to Apple through a leak to the press. Hey, but isn’t that what wire services are for?

“‘We have not yet officially begun talks with Apple over the iPhone problem,’ China Mobile Chief Executive Wang Jianzhou told reporters on the sidelines of an annual parliament advisory body meeting. ‘As long as our customers want this kind of product, we will keep all options open,’ said Wang.”

Back in January, if you’ll remember, China Mobile announced that it was officially breaking off talks with Apple, though it appeared never to have been in formal talks in the first place. Apple never made any statement about China Mobile’s comment, but rumor had it that the two companies had only held one formal meeting.

This latest bit of news is more than likely just posturing on China Mobile’s part. It dreams that Apple is going to come crawling to China Mobile to do a deal on their terms. Don’t do it Stevie! Stick to your guns, buddy!! My goodness, look who I’m talking about. If there’s anyone who knows how to play the China game, it’s old Steve Jobs.

As far as China Mobile is concerned, I don’t understand what all of the pussyfooting is about. You pick up a telephone, and you call Cupertino. Not convinced that revenue sharing works? Get Jobs himself to explain the business model. At this point, Apple doesn’t need China Mobile. The company promised Wall Street that it would ship 10,000,000 units in 2008, and they have announced (not leaked) that they are confident the target will be reached. How many of these will be brought into China through a back door? Who knows. Probably a lot.

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