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China’s Promise To Do Better

July 29th, 2007

The [tag]quality fade[/tag] article was published by Knowledge@Wharton on July 25.

As it would turn out, Wen Jiabao commented on the quality situation in a big way two days later. He called upon Chinese manufacturers to improve quality levels and suggested that it was their patriotic duty to do so. Wen is the highest ranking official in China to discuss product quality. It’s rhetoric, but that’s what politicians offer.

David Barboza writes about this development and more in today’s New York Times. There is a mention of ‘cutting corners’ on quality through a quote offered, and the article touches on how China’s underdeveloped legal system impacts quality. Barboza’s article focuses primarily on China’s attempts to improve its image.

Meanwhile, check this out. Down in Australia, some China-made blankets have been found to contain carcinogens. But more disturbing is that the importer refuses to give up the name of the Chinese supplier in this case. Now, I like the idea of supporting importers, but there are limits. When your product has been found to contain cancer-causing agents, really, it’s time to give it up. Am I wrong?

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