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Chinese Families Launch Class Action Suit

March 30th, 2009

It seems that a number of Chinese families are looking to launch a class action lawsuit related to shampoo. From ConsumerAffairs.com

Eighty families have already organized in anticipation of the suit, and lawyers don’t plan to stop there. Cui Baoyu, one of the attorneys involved, said that the group was pursuing a class action “because of the huge number of victims involved.” More than 50 attorneys are already involved in the case, and Cui says that “the group continues expanding as more lawyers from all over the country ask to join every day.”

A few days ago, I reported on a recall in China of U.S.-made shampoo products, followed by a “never mind.” Now, it looks as though China is moving forward. Again, for those who might be interested, my book which was just published deals in part with China’s soap and shampoo market.

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