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East Asia Bookstore Update

April 28th, 2009

bookstackI mentioned a few days ago that a reader in Hong Kong saw Poorly Made in China on sale in the Hong Kong International Airport.

Distribution to East Asia happened a bit faster than I’d expected, and I’ve since been informed that the book has made it to bookstores around the region.

A number of people who are based in East Asia have asked me where they might find a copy, and so I’m going to list the bookstores that I’ve been told are likely carrying the book. This is not a confirmed list, but a hint of where to check:

Hong Kong: Bloomsbury, Cosmos, Dymocks, HDS Retail, Newslink, Page One, SUP Retail, Swindon

Japan: Maruzen

Korea: Kyobo Book Centre

Philippines: Powerbooks

Singapore: Borders, Kinokuiniya, MPH, Popular, TimesnewsLink, Page One

Taiwan: Page One

Thailand: Asiabooks, Kinokuiniya

There’s an import agent for Mainland China, apparently, but I don’t have any confirmed locations. If anyone in East Asia is looking for a copy but can’t find one, welcome to drop me a direct line. I’ll do what I can to help…

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