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Fantastic Graph

May 1st, 2009

trade2This morning, I was sent the link to a fantastic graph, one that depicts the US-China Trade Relationship. If you click on the image to the right, it will become larger, and you can just make out a few of the more interesting details. Note that green on the chart represents net exports (i.e., cash inflows), while red represents imports (i.e., cash outflows).

China exported to the U.S. $337.8 billion worth of goods for the year, while the the U.S. exported to China only $71.4 billion in goods. The ratio of 5:1 might alone seem significant, but the difference between inflows versus outflows is made even more stark when looking closer at the “Top 5″ exports of either nation to the other. 

I’m going to list the “Top 5″ exports of each nation to the other, just for fun… 


Apparel and Footwear $52 Billion

Computers and Parts $52 Billion

Toys and Bicycles $29 Billion

Televisions $15 Billion

Furniture $13 Billion

Drumroll, please. And, now, for our own Top 5… 


Soybeans $7 Billion

Semiconductors $6 Billion

Civilian Aircraft $4 Billion

Plastic Materials $3 Billion

Copper $2 Billion.

Oh, yeah. Let’s hear it for soybeans!

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