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There Is No Made in China

June 11th, 2009

3Foreign Policy ran a piece in which U.S. International Trade Commission economists suggest that there is no such thing as “Made in China.”

Here’s the punch line…

Although China’s processing export model may be proving a keeper in times of economic crisis, what might need changing is the way we look at trade deficits. With truly global supply chains, perhaps it’s time for a more accurate stamp: “Made Everywhere.”

It’s a Jedi mind trick, a slick argument. It’s a line of thought that, if accepted, means we can no longer have to trouble ourselves with debate or discussion. How could anyone raise issue with China quality failures, for example, when there is no China?

The number of industrial problems out of China are numerous and include: milk, toothpaste, tires, toys, pet food, blood thinner, drywall. The list goes on. It is not accurate in any case to say that these products were made “everywhere,” or that their failures were without a geographic source.

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