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Hillary Clinton: I’m Tough On China

November 21st, 2007

In an effort to show she has foreign policy chops, Hillary Clinton is now trying to convince us that she’s tough on China. She was quoted today as saying : “I went to Beijing in 1995 and stood up to the Chinese government on human rights.”

Seriously, was that a joke? It was her own husband who in 1993 “delinked” America’s economic policy with efforts to advance human rights in China. We gave China favored trade status with no strings attached. Critics then and now recognize the lost opportunity, and there is no doubt that China has become unmanageable from a foreign policy perspective because of decisions made by the Clinton administration.

Even more disturbing is what has been going on between Hillary Clinton and some who were willing to break campaign contribution laws in order to see her get elected. Norman Hsu’s case has been effectively put on ice as a means of deferring controversy until after the election, and, even more troubling, the Los Angeles Times has reported widespread circumvention of campaign contribution laws by overzealous Chinatown residents who are doing what they can to get another Clinton back in office. If you haven’t heard of these stories, strong recommend to check the links.

This next election: Vote Republican.

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