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Fake Fruit

April 26th, 2009

jaffa21Israel and Iran were close to a blowout over fruit that made its way from Israel to Iran, but then folks discovered that while the fruit was branded with the name of a popular Israeli company, it was actually a counterfeit product from China. There was some commotion over the fake fruit, an orange-grapefruit hybrid marketed outside of Israel as a Jaffa Sweetie.

The Sweeties were brought to Iran from China, where faking the origin of goods is a common practice… Outrage followed, distribution centres stocking the fruit were sealed and accusations were traded. Such is the infamy of dealing with Israel that an Iranian official went so far as to accuse the opposition of a “citrus plot”.

The company that owns the trademark was justifiably upset about the mixup. 

“First of all, it’s a bit annoying that somebody is using our brand name and registered trademark without our permission,” he said. ”Apart from this, I would like very much the Iranian people to eat Israeli fruit straight from the origin and not via China.

If only they could. Israel and Iran have no direct trade links…

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