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Japan Gets China Treatment: Joint Communiqué Unilaterally Changed By Beijing

December 13th, 2007

Well, it looks as if business people working with China are not the only ones to suffer from contract manipulation by the Chinese.

Japan signed a joint communique with Beijing earlier this month only to discover that the Chinese quietly deleted two terms from the contract without notifying the other side that they had done so. I’ve actually had this done to me when working with Chinese lawyers, and it is one very strong argument for not letting attorneys for the other side draft any agreements if it can be done by your own people. While this sort of unilateral change is done all the time in China, this kind of alternation is “unthinkable from the viewpoint of customary international practice, and inexplicable.” From Commentary:

“The Chinese deleted two references in the jointly-approved communiqué. The first omitted statement noted that Japan expressed its hope that Beijing would increase the value of the renminbi. The other deleted reference relates to China’s participation in the Energy Charter Treaty. The Japanese government delivered a formal protest on Friday.”

This latest development comes just as historians have uncovered evidence that suggests that the Nanjing Massacre was preceded by a genocide that was even greater. Hat tip to Pan Asian Biz:

U.S. archives just researched have unveiled that the Japanese massacred more than 500,000 Chinese BEFORE entering Nanjing and killing 300,000 more. A telegram from then US ambassador to Germany reads - “Today the news from the Far East is worse than ever and I have read yours and Secretary Hull’s statement as to Japanese brutality. The Japanese Ambassador here boasted a day or two ago of his country’s having killed 500,000 Chinese people.”

Developments between Japan and China will continue to prove interesting in the coming years.

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