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The Entrepreneur

July 27th, 2009

deal1“The Entrepreneur” is the name of a new documentary that details the misadventures of Malcolm Bricklin, an American who dreamed of importing inexpensive, luxury cars from China. This documentary is available for free online.

The film reflects the hubris displayed by American importers in China, and for this reason some similarities might be drawn to my book. I particularly enjoyed how the movie attempted to convey emotional aspects of deal-making in China, and a few of my favorite “tactics” can been seen — including the rather common gambit whereby factory bosses take a deal entirely off the table, unwinding the progress of several days worth of negotiations, done at just the right moment to maximize the frustration of the foreign delegation.

dinnerSome might say that Bricklin is a nut, and while there is no doubt on that account, it was still interesting to see how it didn’t stop Chery Automobile from entertaining his fantasies and collecting a few million in the process. The silver screen is probably not the ideal medium for conveying the nuances of a China deal, but for what it’s worth…

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