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Survey: Elderly Avoid “Made In China” In Greater Numbers

November 26th, 2007

The Center For Media Research agrees with a point made in my last post, that there is a  connection between age and whether a consumer is looking to avoid products made in China. Their survey suggests 38% for those age 18-24 will be looking to avoid toys made in China, and the rate for those aged 55-64 is 70%.

In “Mattel: Knocked Down And Muzzled?“, I suggested consumers were saying one thing but doing another when it came to their insistence that they would avoid products made in China. Toy sales were expected to drop in the the third quarter, but Mattel’s profit was merely level and sales even showing an increase.

The big question for toy manufacturers this year is whether retail sales are going to be slowed by China product recalls. I spoke yesterday with someone in retail, and he couldn’t believe how slow his business was on “Black Friday“, the big shopping day that follows Thanksgiving. If the third quarter was any proof, it’s likely that product recalls will not affect sales much, but one thing that might happen this year is that purchase decisions will be pushed into later in the season.

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