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Tainted Blood In South China Infects 64 With Hepatitis

April 1st, 2009


Another episode in the endless “tainted China” saga…  

At least 64 people have been infected with hepatitis C after receiving transfusions of tainted blood at a county hospital in southern China, a hospital official said Wednesday.

Hospital officials, who have been blamed, are claiming ignorance. Some say part of the problem is a system based not on altruistic giving, but on cash money: 

Last year, the Health Ministry said it had uncovered hundreds of cases of illegally sold blood, and it shut down nearly 5,000 blood banks.

And in another related case… 

Twenty patients were infected with hepatitis C while receiving dialysis treatment in Shanxi Province, according to a notice on a ministry Web site, the state-run China Daily newspaper reported Wednesday. Investigations at those hospitals began after six dialysis patients discovered they were infected and filed a complaint last month, it said.

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